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These are a Few of my Favorite... Ads

February 24, 2015

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These are a Few of my Favorite... Ads

February 24, 2015

Every year around the beginning of February, all television sets are tuned in and all eyes are on one thing – the Superbowl. Most people see this as the biggest sports day of the year, and depending on who you are you might be correct. However, for an advertiser, it is the most important commercial day of the year. This year, I refrained from the parties and stayed home with my family to see what roughly $4.5 million dollars would buy a company during halftime, as well as the events that spurred over 3.67 billion social media posts. At the beginning of the game, I pronounced to my family that during playing time they could do whatever they wanted as long as they paid attention to all commercials. And so a deal was made.


Now, the time is nearing one month since Superbowl XLIX, and after taking plenty of time to reflect on my favorite ads of the Superbowl, I have finally narrowed it down to my top three favorites. However, before I begin, I must preface that Budweiser is out of the running due to unfair advantage. Why? First – puppies and horses are a deadly cute combination. Second – Budweiser might as well be called “Buzzweiser” with all the hype they create about their Superbowl ads each year. If you aren’t excited to see Budweiser’s latest scheme each year, then I must question if you even have a heart for cute animals. What is even more fascinating than animals – the commercials have absolutely nothing to do with beer. Well done, Budweiser. Well done.


Ad #1: Dodge: Dodge Wisdom

“Wow. Whoa. Brilliant. Genius. DANG, I wish I would have thought of that.” These were all thoughts going through my head as Dodge’s 100 year anniversary commercial came on the tube. Talk about unexpected - this commercial captivated my interest from the get-go! There just aren’t many things as great as hearing the stories of elders that lived before you, but seeing Dodge bring out their “wild side” was almost too much to handle. A perfect tie back to Dodge’s 100 year celebration, it’s safe to say that this ad was interesting, inspiring, and 100% incredible.


Ad #2: Dove Men + Care: Real Strength

We all knew Budweiser was going to take a tug at our heart strings (what else is new?), but no one executed the emotional appeal quite as radiantly as Dove. Of all of the “dadvertising” during Superbowl XLIX, this commercial by the Marketing Arm had this Daddy’s Girl biting back sobs. Let’s take a moment to applaud whoever made dads the trend of 2015. Now, grab some tissues and have a good cry while you watch this perfect work of art.


Ad #3: Kia: The Perfect Getaway

Who doesn’t love a little Pierce Brosnan? This commercial kept my whole house giggling through a series of plot twists and alternate endings, but what was even better about this commercial is that I was still laughing at it for weeks to come with my peers. In a few words: save the drama for your mama, Mr. Bond. This commercial served as a simple reminder that (sometimes) things really are as simple as they seem - and pulled it off with a bit of witty humor.


If you've seen these ads, I can only hope you loved them as much as I did! If you have not seen these ads and my blog post prompted you to watch them, you. are. welcome.


-XOXO, Katherine

Katherine Parker Designs

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